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Bespoke Audio Restoration
, specialist in analogue and vinyl sourced audio, digitally restored to audiophile standard.

roviding a no-compromise audio restoration service, using a 100% hands on, consultative approach to audio restoration. The music stays musical and sounds the way you want it to sound.

Years of experience and a love of audio combine to provide a unique approach to audio restoration.
Working with custom designed restoration techniques, always using high quality equipment throughout the sound chain, See Why Audio can obtain stunning high quality audio information from the humble vinyl disc for use in your project. You may have heard vinyl 'rips' before but prepare to be amazed at what can be achieved.

I'm proud of what I can do but I am also confident of delivering excellent value for money, aiming to serve both your ears and your budget.

Please browse the site and learn more about what See Why Audio can do for your project.

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Audio Clean-up, De-noising, denoising, scratch removal, sound restoration, no-noising, noise removal, click removal. vinyl rips, vinyl transfer

Clients include Luaka Bop, Jazzman, Strut, Bombay Connection, Jukebox Jam, No Hit!, and more.

Testimonials from clients:

"Incredible transfers from wayward sources by Colin Young, See Why Audio"
Liner notes, William Onyeabor 9 LP Box Set (2014) Luaka Bop Records.

"Hi Colin,
had a good listen through everything tonight and it's a great job throughout. I agree with all of your decisions - Really appreciate all your work on this - it really has transformed the music"

Quinton Scott Strut/!K7 Recordings Re: Various Artists 'Nigeria '70: Lagos Jump 2LP.

"Thank you Colin for the dedicated work - beyond the call of duty. Reaching the music that others cannot get to. Until next time, all the best,"
E. Bouman Bombay Jazz. Re: Bombay Connection Vol 1 + 2

"Colin, how did you do that? Sounds incredible..."
Gerald Short - Jazzman Records Re: Jef Gilson 2LP

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