Output Formats:

See Why Audio supplies finished projects in the following formats and media:

File format:
CDA (Standard or 'mastered' CD Audio)
SHN (Lossless CD compression)
AIFF (Native Apple format)
extra MP3 or AAC as required. (Not suitable for mastering)
All standard sample rates and bit depths.

Data disc CD or DVD
Audio Compact disc (standard or Industry Standard Full Redbook mastering, CD text, ISRC coding)
DVD-Audio format high definition audio playback (Up to 192Khz/24 bit stereo however 96Khz/24bit is generally the best for vinyl).
*DVD-Audio also allows for Quadraphonic replay from SQ or QS encoded LP's. See 'other services'.
Digital download. From FTP server if required.
One-Off Vinyl Disc (Externally sourced)
One-Off Acetate Mastering Disc (Externally sourced)
(Externally Sourced = Outside company used for this process - will incur unspecified charges)

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